Principles of Community Work

Inspired by adrienne maree brown, bell hooks, Parker Palmer, Thich Nhat Hanh, PRATEC and others, I originally crafted these principles to undergird the work at CASA but they extend into all I do, and especially in how I guide others in my consulting work:

Disrupting & Affirming: We aim to disrupt injustice and oppression while affirming equity, wellbeing, peace, joy, security, and connection within ourselves and within our communities.

Interconnection: Both the diminishing and healing of our humanity is unlocked in a “network of mutuality” (Martin Luther King, Jr.) We see that our liberations are bound together.

Imagination & Creativity: We are imagining the just world we want and creatively cultivating it together through community-based research, education, organizing, and healing justice. 

Place-Based: We respect and affirm local knowledge, culture, assets, and power.

Relational: We create and sustain long-term, meaningful community partnerships that follow the lead of those most directly impacted by injustice in the community.

Personal & Political: We prioritize collaborations that are critically reflexive and generate personal and systemic transformation. 

My consulting has spawned different constituents, but below include a few of the most longstanding consulting partnerships I have been a part of.

Yoga and Social Justice

Anti-bias Education

  • Train the trainer, teacher and student anti-bias education training
  • Workshops for administrators, certified and classified staff, parents, youth and community members with A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute

Early Childhood Anti-Bias Education Consulting

Community Engagement in Higher Education

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